About Us

Mrs. Sangiita Jain is a dynamic leader serving as the Chief Executive Officer (Finance & PR) at Adii Vastu. With a profound expertise in finance, she excels in project financing and capital restructuring, steering Adii Vastu towards strategic financial success. Her keen insights and innovative approaches have contributed significantly to the company's growth and stability.

In the realm of Public Relations, Miss Jain has masterfully managed Adii Vastu's public image and corporate branding. Her visionary strategies have elevated the company's visibility and reputation, solidifying its position as an industry leader. With a blend of financial acumen and PR finesse, she embodies the essence of Adii Vastu's commitment to excellence, innovation, and holistic development.

Apart from her current role she is also an active member in :

1) JITO Ladies Wings
2) JBN360 Mumbai
3) Mahavir International
4) Maharashtra jain minority
5) Rajmani Foundation
6) Bharat Jain Mahamandal
7) Subeditor Cinema Aaj Tak

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